Our Donations

Where do we donate and how do donations work?

We donate to three amazing non-profit organizations with each product purchased. Bee City USA, Oceana, and the Arbor Day Foundation each receive an even split of $1.00 per product sold at Bloom Clothing Company. At the bottom of each product page you can see how much we have donated so far. 

Bee City USA

As the name suggests, the focus of Bee City USA is bees, and primarily our native species. The steps that affiliates take to conserve our native bees, including creating safe habitats and hosting community events, will also help other pollinators including butterflies and moths as well as the non-native honey bee. One of the most impactful actions any affiliate can take is to encourage others to think beyond the honey bee and recognize the true diversity of bees that sustain our communities.  



Oceana works internationally to direct policy-oriented and science-based campaigns that help save the oceans and feed the world. They advocate for increasing marine biodiversity, restoring ocean abundance and protecting habitat by winning policy victories in countries that deliver nearly 29 percent of the world's wild marine fish catch.


Arbor Day Foundation

The impact they make on our world is accomplished through their conservation and education programs. They work to restore forests, improve tree cover in communities, and inspire the next generation of tree planters to ensure this important work endures.